Automotive Technician

Job Title: Automotive Technician
Posted: Oct 07, 2016
Ames, IA
Type: Full-time

Job Description

Auto/Truck Repair Center, a Kinzler Construction Services company, is a family owned and operated company.  We have a 30 year track record of hiring, promoting and retaining exceptional team members who match our core values. 
The Automotive Technician is responsible for troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the vehicles and equipment that customers bring to the facility to have repaired.  Perform quality routine maintenance as needed.   
  Other duties include:
  • Troubleshoot engine performance problems for customers, provide recommendations for problem resolutions.
  • Provide estimates to customers for repair, replacement and installations according to problem diagnosis and repair/replacement recommendations.
  • Perform routine and annual maintenance on customer vehicles.
  • Inspecting the engines and detecting malfunctions.Replacing engine parts and appropriately assembling the same.
  • Maintaining records of servicing and engine repairs.
  • Checking electrical systems and transmission parts and ensuring the smooth functions of the same.
  • Following all stipulated industry safety regulations and standards of working.
  • Deal promptly and fairly with customers concerns and complaints.

Skills & Experience

Required skills, experience and talents:
  • High school diploma or GED plus ASE Certification (or equilivant) and at least 5 yrs experience in a diesel/automotive repair facility.
  • Must continually adapt to changing technology and repair techniques.
  • Ability to demonstrate a respectful and professional demeanor at all times with strong customer service skills.
  • Must have a clean driving record.  
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Additional Information

Posted: Oct 07, 2016
Ames, IA
Education: High School or equivalent
Type: Full-time